Thursday, January 19, 2006

Peppermint and Liquorice

Hello again, it's been a while, and a warm welcome to Lizzie on the blog. :)

I just thought I'd tell you about the wonderful taste of peppermint and liquorice tea, yes, that's the two flavours together in one cup! When I went home over the holidays I stopped over in Edinburgh to meet my dad and sister, and went for a tea in Deacon Brodie's cafe on the Royal Mile. I love Edinburgh and that cafe is my favourite, though you really are spoilt for choice in Edinburgh, particularly on the Royal Mile! So I tried said tea, and it really was a wonderul experience. If you see it anywhere, give it a go - you will not regret it. :)

My "normal" tea at the moment is a fairtrade blend of Indian teas, tastes very much like "normal" tea obviously, but is softer and very, very nice. I got it from Wesley Owens Christian bookstore in Dundee.

That's all from me, for now.



At 9:07 pm, Blogger Lizzie said...

Hi Chris,
That sounds like an interesting tea. I have to admit that my first reaction upon hearing "peppermint and liquorice" was ugh! but if I saw it I would probably try it now.
Dave had a tea related 'accident' today. It was hilarious so I'll try to get him to post about it. If not I probably will.

At 1:04 am, Blogger Chris said...

It really is nice, so refreshing. I thought you couldn't possibly merge the two flavours but I'd go for it straight away if I saw it again.

Speaking of accidents, I remember the time I was playing with Matt Cook's bouncy ball and it went into my tea, spilling it all over me and the floor. I was ashamed at the waste of precious tea!

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At 3:00 pm, Blogger Chris said...

Will do John, welcome to the blog. :)


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